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Traveling with Special Needs -ADA


We recommend that all of our customers make their reservations as far in advance as possible. You may request special assistance on RJ flights when making reservations through your Travel Agent and through RJ offices; if your reservation was booked on a website, you may make arrangements for special assistance by contacting RJ offices


You may contact our SACs on the following contacts to inquire about the status of your medical clearances.

TEL: +962 6 5202408 Email: rjsacs@rj.com 

Royal Jordanian does not require a passenger with a disability to provide advance notice of the fact that he/she is traveling on a flight. However, an Advance Notice of at least 48-72 hours is required in the following cases:

1. Who requires a stretcher on board.

2. Who needs medical oxygen during the flight.

3. Whose medical condition poses reasonable doubt concerning the ability to complete flight safety procedures without being provided extraordinary medical assistance during the flight.

4. If passenger has a communicable disease or condition that could pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others on the flight.

5. Who, because of certain diseases, or disability may have or develop an unusual behavior or physical condition, which may endanger or be a potential hazard to the safety of the flight, health, or materially affect the comfort of other passengers or crew.

6. Would require medical attention and/or special equipment to maintain their health during the flight.

7. Who have undergone recent complicated surgeries.

8. Passenger with complicated fracture.

9. Passenger with temporary loss of sight or hearing.

10. Intellectual disability/cerebral palsy

11. Traveling with a battery-powered respirator or ventilator, or Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POCs) where medical clearance is necessary.

12. Traveling as a group of 10 or more people with disabilities.

13. Travelling with a service animal.

14. Passengers having both severe vision and hearing impairment.


  • This procedure will not apply to passengers whose only disablement is blindness or deafness.
  • RJ cannot accommodate incubators.
  • At least a 36-hour advance notice is required for the cancellation of therapeutic oxygen and stretcher service.
  • Please advise us as early as possible if you:

Require a wheelchair.

Require any special meals.

Traveling with a service animal.

Require any Extra seat for comfort.

Require pre-reserved seating of an adjoining seat for you and your personal care attendant or safety attendant.