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Accesrail Information

This seamless air-rail connection can be made when you book your ticket online, via our sales offices, call center or through a travel agent. Book your trip on Royal Jordanian & our partner rail companies in Canada, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Belgium & UK, that operate under 9B/AccesRail, and connect beyond RJ's major gateway cities to any of the rail/bus destinations below:
Route From Station code To Station code
United Kingdom
first Western (FGW) And Heathrow Express (HEX)
London Heathrow LHR Oxford OXQ
London Heathrow LHR Swindon XWS
London Heathrow LHR Bristol Parkway BPR
London Heathrow LHR Bristol Temple Meads TPB
London Heathrow LHR Bath QOX
London Heathrow LHR Newport XNE
London Heathrow LHR Cardiff CFW
London Heathrow LHR Exeter EXS
London Heathrow LHR Plymouth PLH
London Heathrow LHR Par PCW
London Heathrow LHR St. Austell USX
London Heathrow LHR Swansea SWS
London Heathrow LHR Penzance PZE
National Express
Victoria ZEP Heathrow Airport LHR
Cambridge CBG Heathrow Airport LHR
Milton Keynes KYN Heathrow Airport LHR
Norwich NWI Heathrow Airport LHR
Colchester CLB Heathrow Airport LHR
Swindon XWS Heathrow Airport LHR
Southampton SOU Heathrow Airport LHR
Winchester WNC Heathrow Airport LHR
Bath Spa QQX Heathrow Airport LHR
Boumemouth BOH Heathrow Airport LHR
Brighton BSH Heathrow Airport LHR
Poole POQ Heathrow Airport LHR
Ringwood RNW Heathrow Airport LHR
Stansted STN Heathrow Airport LHR
Luton Airport LTN Heathrow Airport LHR
Oxford OXQ Heathrow Airport LHR
Gatwick LGW Heathrow Airport LHR
Bristol BRS Heathrow Airport LHR
Exeter EXT Heathrow Airport LHR
Cheltenham Spa CHW Heathrow Airport LHR
Newport (South Wales) XNE Heathrow Airport LHR
Taunton TTY Heathrow Airport LHR
Cardiff CWL Heathrow Airport LHR
Plymouth PLH Heathrow Airport LHR
Swansea SWS Heathrow Airport LHR
Birmingham BHX Heathrow Airport LHR
Coventry CVT Heathrow Airport LHR
Nottingham NQT Heathrow Airport LHR
Leicester QEW Heathrow Airport LHR
Virgin Trains
Birmingham International BHX Edinburgh ZXE
Birmingham International BHX Glasgow ZGG
Birmingham International BHX Preston XPT
Birmingham International BHX Lancaster XQL
Birmingham International BHX Warrington XWN
Birmingham International BHX Crewe XVC
Birmingham International BHX London Euston QQU
Birmingham International BHX Milton Keynes KYN
Birmingham International BHX Watford Junction WXF
Birmingham International BHX Oxenholme KXN
Birmingham International BHX Wigan XWI
Birmingham International BHX Carlisle CXX
SJ (Sweden)
Arlanda ARN Borlange XYB
Arlanda ARN Gavle QYU
Arlanda ARN Sundsvall XXZ
Arlanda ARN Linkoping LPI
Arlanda ARN Falun XWF
Arlanda ARN Norrkoping XYK
Arlanda ARN Hudiksvall QYX
Arlanda ARN Uppsala HUV
Arlanda ARN Ostersund OSD
Arlanda ARN Soderhamn SOO
Arlanda ARN Mora MXX
Arlanda ARN Sala XYX
Arlanda ARN Hedemora XXU
Arlanda ARN Orebro XWR
Arlanda ARN Sodertalje XEZ
Arlanda ARN Eskilstuna XFJ
Arlanda ARN Leksand XXO
Amsterdam Central ZYA Brussels Airport BRU
Amsterdam Schiphol AMS Brussels Midi ZYR
Amsterdam Schiphol AMS Brussels Airport BRU
Amsterdam Schiphol AMS Antwerp ZWE
Rotterdam QRH Brussels Airport BRU
The Hague ZYH Brussels Airport BRU
Madrid XTI Albacete EEM
Madrid XOC Alicante YJE
Madrid XTI Almeria AMR
Madrid XOC Barcelona YJB
Madrid XTI Bilbao YJI
Madrid XTI Burgos UGR
Madrid XOC Cadiz CDZ
Madrid XOC Castellon CPJ
Madrid XOC Ciudad Real XJI
Madrid XOC Cordoba XOJ
Madrid XOC Cuenca CEJ
Madrid XOC Granada YJG
Madrid XOC Guadalajara GDU
Madrid XOC Huelva HEV
Madrid XOC Jerez YJW
Madrid XTI Leon EEU
Madrid XOC Malaga YJM
Madrid XTI Murcia XUT
Madrid XTI Oviedo OVI
Madrid XTI Palencia PCI
Madrid XOC Pamplona EEP
Madrid XOC Zaragoza XZZ
Madrid XTI Segovia XOU
Madrid XOC Sevilla XQA
Madrid XOC Toledo XTJ
Madrid XTI Valadolid XIV
Madrid XOC Valencia YJV
Madrid XTI Vitoria VIO
Barcelona YJB Valencia YJV
Barcelona YJB Alicante YJE
Barcelona YJB Girona GIA
Barcelona YJB Lleida QLQ
Barcelona YJB Tarragona QGN
Barcelona YJB Zaragoza XZZ
Barcelona YJB Pamplona EEP
Barcelona YJB Castellon CPJ
Barcelona YJB Bilbao YJI
VIA Rail
Montreal YMY Toronto YBZ
Montreal YMY Ottawa XDS
Montreal YMY Quebec City XLJ
Montreal YMY Kingston XEG
Montreal YMY Moncton XDP
Montreal YMY Halifax XDG
Montreal YMY Senneterre XFK
Montreal YMY Jonquiere XJQ
Michigan Flyer Coach Company
Detroit Airport DTW Ann-Arbor ARB
Detroit Airport DTW East Lansing LAN
Vienna Airport VIE St. Pölten Hbf POK
Vienna Airport VIE Linz Hbf LZS
Vienna Airport VIE Salzburg Hbf ZSB
Vienna Airport VIE Innsbruck Hbf IOB
Vienna Airport VIE Bregenz XGZ
Vienna Airport VIE Graz Hbf GGZ
Vienna Airport VIE Klagenfurt Hbf KGV
Vienna Airport VIE Wien Hbf XWC

Travel Guide for traveling on RJ/AccesRail

  1. Check in for railways segments is not available through RJ. You will need to check in for railway segment online using this link www.accesrail.com within 48 hours before train departure time, using the reservation number that was provided by RJ/and your last name. You need to collect your baggage from your RJ destination, and you also have to check it in again at the rail station for the rail sectors.
  2. After you complete check in online on the rail segment, print out a copy of the train boarding pass for your entire rail journey.
  3. RJ disclaims any liability for any claims or issues relating to the transportation on your rail journey including but not limited to: cancellations, delays, baggage loss or damage.
  4. Special request services cannot be booked on the rail segments through RJ. For assistance please contact ibesupport@rj.com at least one week before departure of your RJ flight.