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We share the affection you have for your special pet, and we welcome them onboard our flights in the Economy class cabin and in the checked baggage.

The carriage of pets (Cats and Dogs) in passenger cabin is only permitted in Economy Class Cabins and is subject to the following conditions:

  • The weight of the animal and crate (or pouch) must not exceed 7 kgs/15lbs.
  • The flying hours of the requested flight does not exceed 5 hours.
  • The number of pets on each flight must not exceed two
  • The container (or pouch) dimensions must not exceed the under-seat stowage area (L50 X W40 X H 26 cms).
  • The reservation must be arranged at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time and an approval is required from RJ's Systems & Procedures Section.


Effective 14th of July 2021, CDC is Temporarily Suspending the Importation of Dogs from:

  1. Countries classified by CDC as high risk for dog rabies (Jordan).
  2. Countries NOT at high risk if the dogs have been in a high-risk country during the previous six months.


These rules apply to all dogs including Puppies, Service Animals, and Emotional Support Dogs whether accepted as Hand-carried, Checked-in as Passenger Baggage, and Transported as Cargo.


Moreover, these rules also apply whether passenger just visiting the United States with his/her dog, importing dogs into the United States, or traveling out of the United States and returning with his/her dog after a temporary visit, such as a vacation or holiday, or for visiting friends and relatives.


CDC may grant advanced written approval (CDC Dog Import Permit) permitting the importation of fully rabies-immunized dogs, 6 months or older, from a high-risk country. Accordingly, to be eligible to apply for a CDC Dog Import Permit, the importer must be:


  1. A US government employee with permanent change of station or temporary duty orders.
  2. A US citizen or lawful US resident relocating to the United States, such as for employment or education; or
  3. An owner of a service dog that is specifically trained to assist a person with a disability.



Each eligible importer may be permitted to bring in a maximum of 3 personal pet dogs one time during the temporary suspension. Institutions requesting to import more than 3 dogs may apply to do so for the purposes of science, education, or exhibition as defined in 42 CFR 71.50, or for bona fide law enforcement activities. View the application instructionsfor more details.



Dogs arriving from high-risk countries without a CDC Dog Import Permit or arriving at an unapproved port of entry will be denied entry. There are no exceptions. If the dog is denied entry to the United States, the airline will be required to return the dog to the country of departure on the next available flight, regardless of carrier or route.


Therefore, before acceptance, airline staff should:


  1. Verify the dog’s country of origin and 6-month travel history prior to boarding.
  2. A copy of the CDC Dog Import Permit
  3. A copy of the email granting approval to import a dog prior to boarding the dog.


No CDC Dog Import Permits are issued upon arrival. Dogs that arrive from high-risk countries without written arrival from CDC will be denied entry and returned to the country of departure at the importer’s expense.


If the importer does not present both documents at check-in, do not board the dog, and have the importer contact CDC.


All dogs that have been in a high-risk country in the past 6 months may only enter the United States through an approved port of entry, which includes all 18 airports with a CDC quarantine station:

Anchorage (ANC), Atlanta (ATL), Boston (BOS), Chicago (ORD), Dallas (DFW), Detroit (DTW), Honolulu (HNL), Houston (IAH), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), Minneapolis (MSP), New York (JFK), Newark (EWR), Philadelphia (PHL), San Francisco (SFO), San Juan (SJU), Seattle (SEA), and Washington DC (IAD).


Effective immediately , dogs vaccinated in the United States by a US-licensed veterinarian may re-enter the United States from a high-risk country without a CDC Dog Import Permit if the dog:

  1. has a valid US-issued rabies vaccination certificate.
  2. has proof of a microchip.
  3. is at least 6 months old.
  4. is healthy upon arrival; and
  5. arrives at an approved port of entry.

Expired US-issued rabies vaccination certificates will not be accepted. If the US-issued rabies vaccination certificate has expired, you must apply for a CDC Dog Import Permit, if eligible.


Pets Checked as Baggage

Pets such as dogs, cats accompanying a passenger on the same flight may be accepted as checked baggage. Pets will be treated as excess baggage and cannot be included in the checked baggage allowance. The following conditions must be met before acceptance on the flight.

  • The reservation must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.
  • Approval is required from RJ's Systems & Procedures Section.
  • A Maximum of 4 AVIH only, is allowed per aircraft.



A pet is not considered part of the passenger's free baggage allowance. It will be charged as normal excess baggage for both the pet's weight and the weight of its cage (kennel).

Charges for pet's carriage:

Small Kennel with Pet 

up to 32kg (70lb) /203cm (80in)

 From/TO Europe   Middle East  Far East  US
 Europe  $180 $180   $180  $250
 Middle East  $180  $150 $150   $250
 Far East  $180  $150 $125   $250
 US  $250 $250   $250 $250 


Medium Kennel with Pet

Over 32kg (70lb) up to 45Kg (100lb)/Below 203cm (80in)/ Up to 32kg (70lb)/Over 203cm(80in) up to 250cm (100in)

From/TO Europe Middle East Far East US
Europe $360 $360 $360 $500
Middle East $360 $300
Far East $360
US $500

Large Kennel with Pet

Over 32kg (70lb) up to 45Kg (100lb)/Over 203cm (80in) up to 250cm (100in)

From/TO Europe Middle East Far East US
Europe $540 $540 $540 $750
Middle East $540  $450 $450  $750
Far East $540  $450  $375 $750
US $750 $750  $750  $750


PETC (pet in Cabin ) will be priced similar to  Small pet in hold as in below

Small travel crates with Pet

Up to 07kg/(L40XW50XH26)

From/TO Europe Middle East
Europe $180 $180
Middle East $180 $150


Over 45Kg(100lb) and for each additional 10kg (25lb)   Over 250cm (100in) and for each additional 50cm (20in)    One normal excess baggage charge in addition to the charges + four times the normal excess baggage charge
Falcons in Cabin

Falcons may be carried in the cabin on limited occasions, especially in the Gulf area, provided the following is adhered to:

  • Falcons can be carried in Economy class only.
  • Falcons must be properly hooded.
  • Seats blocked for falcons and handlers must be window seats.
  • A chain or rope must be securely attached to the aircraft seat and the leg of each bird.
  • Valid health certificates and all other entry documents required by country of entry or transit must accompany the bird(s).
  • Falcons are accepted at the owner's risk
  • The reservation must be arranged at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time and an approval is required from RJ's Systems & Procedures Section.


Important Notice

One falcon is charged three times the normal excess baggage rate. More than one falcon per handler will require the booking of an adjacent seat.

Maximum: two falcons per seat.

Max number of falcons per aircraft type

  • Narrow bodied aircraft: 10 FALCONS
  • Wide bodied aircraft: 15 FALCONS

Rodents are prohibited carriage on all our flights.


* Note: Carriage of PETs accompanied passengers as checked baggage is not allowed To/From Germany until further notice.