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Agent Debit Memo Policy

Dear RJ partners, 

Royal Jordanian booking systems are programed to provide the best availability for its flights through different GDSs. As all booking activities for RJ flights take effect on these via RJ’s inventory, booking activities are monitored by an auditing program. This is to ensure the integrity of Royal Jordanian’s inventory for the benefit of passengers, travel agents and Royal Jordanian alike.
Abiding by this Booking Policy and the consequences of violation apply for every entity accessing Royal Jordanian Inventory and Reservation System. These entities include IATA and Non-IATA accredited travel agents using any of the GDSs.
This document explains the rules that Royal Jordanian applies to ensure proper booking activities. Violations of these rules may lead to Agent Debit Memos (ADM) or invoices, or ultimately disconnection from access to Royal Jordanian Inventory and Reservation System.
Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation. For questions regarding the Booking
Policy, please contact your local RJ Sales Team.

Cost Recovery Scheme


1. Churning:

 Excessive and repeated booking and cancelling of space is often done to:

                    Cancel and/or rebook the same flight, date or route for the same passenger.
                    Achieve the GDS productivity targets.

The above practices are strictly prohibited. However, segment(s) cancelled either by agency/airline (5) or more times in one PNR or across different PNRs will be subject to churning charges.


Per Segment

Per Passenger

2. Fictitious/ Speculative/Training/Test Bookings:
 Reservations where a booking is created using fictional name or speculative segment, with no intent for travel and not directly related to a request from a passenger to purchase a ticket.
 PNRs should not be created for training and testing reasons. Only the training module provided by the GDS must be used when testing functionality or training personnel.
 A valid ticket number related to the PNR’s customer and itinerary has to be issued. A fake ticket number is strictly prohibited (FHM, FHA).
 It is prohibited to create segments and/or PNRs for the purpose of holding or blocking seats in view of expecting demands (holding segment without creating a booking).

Flight Range
Per passenger /per passenger


72 Hours


than 72


 Business  300  20
 Economy 50  20

3. Manipulation of Ticket limit
Adding unwanted segments to the booking to receive a longer ticket time limit.


per passenger

4. Inactive Segments
Royal Jordanian sends a notification directly to the original booking agents GDS queues whenever a reservation is affected by a schedule change, ticketing time limit action, flight cancellation or any other circumstance. Consequently, Changes to itinerary segment status resulting in inactive segments require action at least 30 hours prior to departure. Travel agency is required to :
a. Remove inactive segments HX, UN, UC, NO, WL or WN
b. Regularly check and clean your queues and ensure that all status codes are actioned.


Per Segment

Per Passenger

5. Passive Segments
A passive segment must match an existing booking in RJ reservation system. The use of mismatched segments to issue tickets is strictly prohibited.


Per Segment

Per Passenger

6. Breaking Segments (Married and/or Origin and Destination Availability)
Married Segment Abuse Constitutes one or more of the following:

  • Cancellation of partial itineraries
  • Booking flights to a fictitious destination in order to find flight availability in a lower booking class
  • Segments booked separately in a multi segment O&D, in a booking class for which there is no availability for the required O&Ds
  • Creation of multi segment O&Ds which is not the required journey
  • Other means of transaction to manipulate the O&Ds system. When point of sale availability is used from one country where the availability is higher than the availability of point of Origin and is ticketed from the point of sale of origin, it would be considered as a violation of Incorrect Availability.

Example: Travel Agent in point of sale AMM books AMM/NYC/AMM where the availability only from K class, but for point of sale NYC on the same flight is available from Q class. Travel Agent in Amman transfers PNR ownership to Travel Agent in NYC and the above segments are ticketed in Q class in point of sale AMM. This is considered an incorrect availability used for ticketing and ADM will be raised.

Per passenger
ADM for the fare difference between actual O&D and Ticketed O&D
 Business  500
 Economy  200

7. Void/Refunded Tickets
Holding confirmed bookings with VOIDED/REFUNDED/FLOWN TICKET in live inventory is not permitted. However, a new valid ticket should be provided to maintain same PNR or booking needs to be cancelled, otherwise the, PNR will be subject to automatic cancellation by the airline.

Voided/refunded tickets resulting in ‘No Show’ will be subject to issuing an Agency Debit Memo.

Excessive Voiding and refunding tickets for the purpose of circumventing fare, fare rules, ticket time limits or blocking space is prohibited


Per segment

Per Passenger

8. Passenger Data (DOCS)



Full name, Date of Birth and Gender must be entered in the SSR DOCS exactly as in Passport. Questions on formats should be directed to the applicable GDS


Per passenger

(for fake information)


Per Passenger

(if mistake is 1 –3 digits)

Per Passenger

(For repeated cases by same travel agency)

9. Wait Listing
Wait listing (WL) of flight segments is a common practice by travel agents that enables the customer to be listed on flights at the preferred fare.
Travel agents are asked to:
1- Limit the number of WL segments to the minimum level.
2- Cancel and remove not needed WL segments at least 24hrs before flight departure.


per segment

per passenger

10. Duplicate Bookings
Duplicate bookings should not be made for the same passenger on the same route across one or more GDSs. These bookings will be identified and automatically cancelled. Similarly, bookings made showing an overlapping where it is logically impossible to travel, is not permitted.


per segment

per passenger

11. EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) issuance:
Travel agency must be accurate when completing an EMD and must use the correct code/sub code that matches the requested service

Per wrong EMD,
New EMD to be issued.

12. GDS Cancellation Fees
Cancellation ratio (number of booked segments vs. number of cancelled segments). If an agency’s cancelation ratio exceeds 90%, a GDS cancellation fee shall apply.

Per cancelled segment

13. Passenger Contact Information

Valid contact information for (Passenger or the Travel agency) is a mandatory element under company rules as well as IATA resolutions (830d). It helps both airline and agent to provide an optimum service under irregularity of operation.

  • Valid contact information (mobile, email, phone…) at all points of journey must be entered under SSR element according to applied GDS entries.
  • Additional information is optional and welcome by RJ.
  • In the event the passenger declines to provide his/her contact details, it is mandatory on the agent to indicate same in the PNR to limit any legal liability.

If lack of correct passenger information resulted in any losses for RJ such as no-show/change fees , difference in fare, rerouted tickets ,or compensation to that passenger (those passengers), the company will be obliged to debit that agent for a processing fee (per claim) and the actual compensation paid by the airline

Per Claim


ADM with full amount compensated to the passenger.


14. Un-Authorized Transactions 

Which is:

Refund of Non-Refundable Tickets.


 50 Per ticket , in addition to non-refundable amounts.


  • For details of the basis on which we may collect, process and transfer your personal data, please see ourPrivacy Policy.