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Ground Handling

Royal Jordanian provides safe, efficient, reliable and cost effective Ground Handling Services (GHS). For more than 47 years we have put our expertise and experience at the service of airlines operating into Amman Queen Alia International Airport and Aqaba King Hussein International Airport for handling their passengers, aircraft and cargo with highly skilled staff operating 24/7.

As a confirmation of our commitment to deliver safe ground operations, Royal Jordanian GHS unit has incorporated the IATA Operational Safety Audit standards (IOSA) and IATA Safety Audits for Ground Operations (ISAGO) into its operational procedures and manuals;

Royal Jordanian GHS guarantee its commitments with the signature of a Service Level Agreement

Our Quality Management system enables us to detect any possible shortcomings in our services and to correct them. We perform regular audits to monitor our performance and we highly cooperate with carriers who wish to audit our operations

Royal Jordanian GHS is certified with:

  • IOSA registered service provider since 2004, and
  • ISAGO registered since 2008
For best handling of international flights, our staff is fluent in multiple languages and their skills are continually being updated with the latest regulatory revisions in line with the evolution of best practices within the industry.
Providing quality ground operation services complying with operational safety and security requirements through qualified, knowledgeable, dynamic and highly trained employees.
Royal Jordanian GHS is aiming at expanding its business internationally.
Our broad client base ranges from national carriers, major alliances and low cost operators to freight forwarders operating on scheduled and charter basis.
  1. Crown Lounge Services at QAIA
    In our Crown Lounge, we provide a high quality environment for business and leisure passengers where they can relax or work in a quiet place before their flight.
    Find out more information about our Crown Lounge.
  2. Passenger Services
    Handling passengers from check-in to boarding and from disembarkation to baggage collection. . we give special attention to Passengers with reduced mobility and individuals with a disability, they are looked after by a dedicated team with specialized facilities on-hand, including wheelchair service and Medical Passenger Lift.
    We can tailor our products to the specific needs of each of our Customers, offering all or a mix of the following services:
    • Connect to customer airline own Departure Control System (DCS) hosts, enabling fast and efficient check-in and improved customer service; our staff members can be trained to adapt to customers DCS systems.
    • Provide a dedicated Drop baggage counter to handle Web check-in passenger.
    • Self check-in service: we deliver CUSS (Common Use Self Service) kiosks service for the convenience of our customer airlines at Amman Queen Alia International Airport and Aqaba King Hussein International Airport.
  3. Passenger Baggage Handling
    Complying with top security measures, we efficiently process departing, arriving and transferring baggage within minimum time frames.
    • Baggage Identification: we provide an automated Baggage Reconciliation System to ensure a bag does not leave without its owner.
    • Baggage tracing and home delivery service: Baggage World Tracer system is used at Royal Jordanian GHS to trace and locate a missing bag, passengers are kept informed about the tracing process and once retrieved the bag is delivered at the passenger's home address. We also offer the ability to check the status of your bag online.
  4. Ramp Services
    Ramp services trained teams will handle your aircraft safely and efficiently, ensuring smooth operations and timely departures. Services offered include:
    • Aircraft Loading and Unloading: available for all types of aircraft, our team ensures each aircraft is loaded with bags, cargo, fuel and equipment in a way that meets with the airline/aircraft specifications.
    • Cabin Cleaning and Aircraft Appearance: in addition to the standard services of toilet and water servicing and cabin appearance, we deliver transit cleaning, exterior and interior cleaning.
    • De-icing / Anti-icing Services: although the weather in Jordan is never extreme, we are prepared and ready for extreme weather conditions including snow and ice.
    • Ground Support Equipment: all vehicles comply with safety regulations and manufacturer quality standards.
    • Technical Support: we provide a wide range of equipment support including aircraft pushback and towing, ground power unit, cooling & heating, air starter unit and aircraft maintenance.
    • Flight Coordinator: from the moment your aircraft lands to the moment it is pushed back, a specific flight coordinator is assigned to coordinate activities around the aircraft during turnaround.
    • Load Control: our team is qualified to provide weight and balance documentation in accordance with legal requirements and safety regulations.
    • Transportation: our bus services are available 24/7 to transport passengers and crew between the aircraft and passenger terminals.
    • Cargo & Mail Services: our teams handle all sizes and types of shipments, including dangerous goods, live animals, valuables and perishable cargo. All are provided with high standards of quality, safety and security. Our teams provide ramp transfer to and from aircraft, receiving and breaking up/down cargo.

Royal Jordanian GHS delivers automated cargo documentation through the Cargospot Airline system.

Royal Jordanian GHS offers the facility to provide control of all Unit Loading Device stock and movement through the ULD Manager system.

In addition to handling passenger aircraft Royal Jordanian GHS carry out handling of full freighter aircraft with a dedicated highly qualified, well trained and certified team. This includes:

  • Aircraft loading and offloading.
  • Handling of import, export and transfer cargo, including all documentation.
  • Handling of special freight such as dangerous goods, mail and courier shipments, perishable cargo, live animals, and valuable cargo.
  • Load mastering / weight and balance.
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