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As an esteemed Royal Plus member, and as an appreciation for your loyalty, you will enjoy free additional allowance for your checked luggage, depending on your tier, when you travel on board Royal Jordanian.

Total free allowance for Royal Plus members according to their tier

 Destinations Cabin Silver Plus Gold Plus Platinum Plus
 North America Economy Class 2 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces
23kg + 32kg 23kg each 2, 23kg + 1, 32kg
Crown Class 3 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces
2, 23kg + 1, 32kg 2, 32kg + 1, 23kg 32kg each
 All other
 RJ destinations
Economy Class 2 pieces 2 pieces 2 pieces
23kg each 23kg + 30kg 30kg each
Crown Class 2 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces
32kg each 2, 23kg + 1, 30kg 2, 30kg + 1, 23kg
  • Click here to learn more about Royal Joradnian's per-piece baggage policy.
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