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RJ grants 50 university scholarships, in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education; congratulates Tawjihi graduates


Amman, August 6, 2013- Royal Jordanian Airlines launched a 50-scholarship program on the occasion of the airline’s 50th anniversary, marked this year. The airline is to execute this program through the Department of Scholarships at the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research for the scholastic year 2013/2014.

This came in light of an agreement signed at the Ministry of Higher Education on August 5, between Prof. Mustafa Al –Adwan, Secretary General at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Mr. Mohammad Hashem Murtada, deputizing for the RJ president/CEO.

Being an initiative of the RJ board of directors, the program includes financing the university dues of 50 bachelor degree students, of which 30 scholarships will go to outstanding achievers from the Jordanian community, 15 to the children of RJ employees and five to children of retired RJ employees.

Royal Jordanian Chairman of the Board of Directors Eng. Naser Lozi congratulated the Tawjihi graduates this year on behalf of the RJ family. He noted that the ambitious scholarships program comes to boost RJ’s pioneering role in the society, a role it has been playing since its establishment. It reflects RJ’s keenness to provide educational opportunities to students who lack financial capabilities, enabling them to pursue university studies.

This scholarship program is distinguished for being comprehensive: the students will also attend extra-curricular courses, like computer skills, English, communication and leadership skills.

The undergraduate fields of study should relate to RJ’s fields of work, thus synchronizing with the airline’s future need of manpower. Scholarships will be distributed for the following majors: engineering (industrial, mechanical, electrical and mechatronics), IT, finance, accounting, business administration and MIS.

Lozi pointed out that the program will be open to all general secondary (Tawjihi) graduates in the summer of 2013 after they get their acceptance to study for any of the above-mentioned majors at any Jordanian public university.

A committee from the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research will study the scholarship eligibility requirements, most significantly an outstanding academic score and the household income, before deciding on the winners. The criteria for accepting the children of the current RJ employees and of the retired RJ employees will take into consideration the average of the general secondary examination, the years of service of the parent at RJ, the household income and the number of siblings attending college concurrently.

Lozi expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research for the effort it will carry out, receiving applications, selecting the recipients and monitoring the students’ academic performance during the period of study, in cooperation with RJ, which finances the program.

Also attending the ceremony were a number of officials from the Ministry of Higher Education and Royal Jordanian.

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