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RJ flight to Hong Kong diverted to Karachi to secure first aid for passenger


Amman-March 5, 2013 A Royal Jordanian flight flying from Amman to Hong Kong today landed at the Karachi International Airport at 6:00 am to be able to secure help for a Jordanian passenger suffering from heart attack symptoms that appeared four hours after the flight took off.

RJ Executive Assistant/Media and Communications Basel Kilani said the captain took the decision to divert the aircraft to the nearest airport to save the passenger’s life at the recommendation of a physician who was onboard.

He said that an ambulance was waiting upon landing. It carried the passenger to the closest hospital where he was given first aid. The aircraft continued its trip to Hong Kong after a three-hour delay at Karachi Airport.

Kilani added that the 63-year-old passenger was discharged from the hospital and is now in a stable condition. RJ will arrange for the passenger to continue his journey to Hong Kong by means of other carriers.

Kilani stressed that Royal Jordanian is keen to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers, which is a priority for the airline.

The involved Airbus 330 aircraft took off from Queen Alia International Airport on March 5, at 02:15 am, carrying 264 passengers.

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