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RJ delays flights to New York because of Hurricane Sandy


Starting with October 30, Royal Jordanian delayed its flights from Amman to New York due to Hurricane Sandy that hit the US East Coast starting October 29. 

The airline said that it is delaying the mentioned flights tentatively in view of the fact that John F Kennedy International Airport/New York closed. The airport was hit by strong winds and trees and debris are being blown onto the airport runways. 

The RJ Call Centre is informing passengers intending to travel to New York about the delayed flights and the new tentative flight departures. 

However, in view of the uncertain conditions at the JFK airport, there is no final decision about resuming flights, particularly in view of the difficulties passengers might face in case they wish to continue their journey beyond New York, or those who connect at JFK airport to travel to Amman. 

Royal Jordanian calls upon passengers who wish to enquire about their flights to contact the Call Centre at (+962 6 5100000). It also expresses hope that the flights to New York will get back to the normal schedule as soon as possible.

Around 18,000 flights were already cancelled across the East Coast in the last two days due to Sandy.

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