About US

RJ has been the proud recipient of both industry and customer satisfaction awards. This affirmation of our achievements has come from the air travel, customer service, tourism, web and business sectors. We are honored to be recognized by each of these awards, and strive to continue to uphold the standards that helped us achieve them.

  • Royal Jordanian received the Gold Award for Best Website in the Transportation category of the Jordan Web Awards 2006 Competition. Experts in web design and programming from around the region acted as judges, taking into account criteria such as creativity, ease of use, structure, visual design solution and interactivity.

  • Business Initiative Directions presented RJ with the Arch of Europe prize. BID assessed the company's quality assurance, quality awareness and training. It awarded the prize for implementation of all standards of Total Quality Management.

  • Business Initiative Directions (BID) presented Royal Jordanian with the International Star Award for Quality in appreciation of our strategic planning and decision making, building an effective information network, and improving passenger services. We won this prize after conducting an international poll among passengers. Competitors were renowned international companies and airlines from 150 countries.

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