Special Services

With a bit of extra care and preparation, women with complication-free pregnancies may fly onboard Royal Jordanian flights prior to their 30th week of pregnancy. All passengers flying when pregnant should consult their doctors/medical practitioners before traveling, especially on long haul flights.

Pregnant women wishing to travel after their 30th week require a certified medical report from the attending Gynecologist, written within seven days prior to the date of departure and approved by Medical Advisor rjdoctor@rj.com, clearly stating the following:

  • Confirmation of a singleton or multiple child pregnancy.
  • Age of the pregnant passenger.
  • Confirmation the pregnancy is progressing without stress or complications.
  • Expected date of delivery.
  • Clear statement that the pregnant passenger fits to fly

All pregnant travelers, or their husband, must complete and sign Royal Jordanian’s official “Expectant Mother Indemnity form”. A copy of the signed form must be retained by the pregnant passenger and carried with her throughout her trip. She must present the form upon request to any Royal Jordanian staff during check-in and boarding, in flight, or upon arrival.

Pregnant women after 34th week are not permitted to travel onboard Royal Jordanian flights.

Tips to Increase Comfort Onboard

  • Be careful with your luggage as heavy lifting during pregnancy should be avoided.
  • Wear your seatbelt low around the pelvis.
  • Walk around the plane at regular intervals throughout the flight.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the flight and avoid eating “heavy” foods which can lead to stomach cramps through prolonged immobility.