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Membership Tiers

Gold manifests value and with Royal Jordanian we mean that in every sense of the word. Gold Plus further recognizes your ongoing loyalty to Royal Jordanian and increases your earning power, rewards and privileges. oneworld tier: Sapphire.

Gold Plus Benefits

  • Access to all Royal Jordanian and 550 oneworld alliance lounges worldwide with one guest when flying RJ or oneworld.
  • Priority in upgrades.
  • Check-in at Business Class counters.
  • Priority placement on reservation waiting list (applicable to Royal Jordanian flights only).

Gift package specially designed for our Platinum and Gold Plus members:
Give your loved ones a gift they will never forget; a fare free ticket to any of our exciting 59 destinations worldwide. All you need to do is give them a gift of enrollment with Royal Plus program and transfer miles from your account to their account, and the ticket is all theirs for the taking.

Earn Bonus Tier Miles
Gold Plus members receive an additional 35% bonus tier miles for every flight they make on RJ. If you fly a route that is 1,000 miles, you earn 350 Tier Miles toward upgrading or maintaining your membership tier.

Qualify for Gold Plus
To qualify for Gold Plus, you must achieve one of the following within a period of 12 consecutive months:

  • Earn 40,000 tier miles.
  • Travel a minimum of 35 Segments (at least 10 Segments must be flown on Royal Jordanian flights).

Maintain Your Gold Status
To maintain your Gold Plus membership, you must achieve one of the following within the 24 month period immediately following your promotion to Gold Plus:

  • Earn 63,000 tier miles.
  • Travel a minimum of 52 Segments.
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