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Q1: What will happen to the valid points accumulated in my account before the revamp?
A1: All valid points accumulated in your account prior to the revamp where transferred to miles.
Q2: What are segments?
A2: A segment is calculated per flight activity you make; hence each flight you make from point A to point B is calculated as one segment except for certain routes.
Please check the terms and conditions for further clarification.
Q3: What do you mean by Award Miles?
A3: Award miles are miles that you earn from flight activities on RJ or any of its oneworld airline partners or through RJ non-airline partners and can be exchanged for awards.
Q4: What are Tier Miles?
A4: Tier Miles are miles that you earn mainly from flight activities on RJ and counts towards your upgrade to a higher tier level.
Q5: Can I enroll family members in my account so that I can earn miles for their travels?
A5: We have two types of family accounts: Family Plus that enables you to pool all your miles along with your family members’ miles in one account. And Family Link that allows you to link your account to that of a member of your family so that you can transfer points from one to the other only when needed. Please visit our Family Programs page to learn more about these programs.