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The Airbus A330, equipped with the latest aviation technology and top of the line comfort facilities, is a wide-body, twin engine aircraft that carries our passengers to destinations in Europe and Asia.  Our unique, shell seats in Crown Class provide passengers with their own private space and a vast palette of entertainment options.  Passengers in Economy Class can also enjoy comfortable seating and a personal entertainment screen complete with English and Arabic films, music, television programs, and games for the whole family.

Technical Data   Internal Structure
Maximum Takeoff Weight 233000 KG Crown Class 24 Seats
Maximum Fuel 139090 L Crows Class Row 1-4
Maximum Range 14,530 km Seat Spacing 62 Inches
Speed Mach 0.85 Economy Class 259 Seats
Span Mach 0.85 Economy Class Row 5-39
Length 192'9" Seat Spacing 31-32 Inches
Tail Height 55'6"  
Seat Configuration
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